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'Gaze inwards and flow through sensations of life and work in a tale of emotional wisdom – filled with hope, comfort, and heartfelt honesty.'
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'Simply beautiful.'

“You’ll…” is a magical, life-affirming mix of bedtime story and personal development masterclass… explores our innermost thoughts and life’s challenges with gentle self-reflection …enchanting and wonderful.’

Colleen Amos - OBE

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Meet Stephen Willard

Stephen’s work centres on a recurring fascination with the relationships between people and companies, identities and careers, and love and necessity. His obsession with real working lives kept him wilfully restless until he crystallised his thinking and formed Emblaze – a worklife experience consultancy for the new world employers.

Often the quietest voice in a crowd, Stephen’s disposition to hear more and speak less has helped him to tune in to the frequencies of real life. Lives fraught with hurdles and anxieties, yet filled with hope, will and humanity. In his new book, Stephen expresses his deep-rooted ideas in the most imaginative way.

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Engage your people

You’ll… is a perfect gift for anyone within your organisation, demonstrating an employer attuned to emotional understanding.

Consider sharing copies with colleagues as part of ongoing wellbeing initiatives or team away days. Gift personalised copies to new joiners – welcoming them to your organisation – and adding depth to your induction experience.

You’ll is available to purchase in both hardback and softback, accompanied by a limited edition bookmark. All copies can be signed by the Author and attributed with a personalised message. Deliveries can be made within 5 working days of purchase. Delivery charged separately.


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