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As ardent believers in work and life, and the unique experience in between, we provide exciting career opportunities that complement your personal goals. Put simply, here at Emblaze, you’ll enjoy the thrill of a high-performance business, without it coming at the expense of you being you.

We’re a true team: friends, colleagues, mentors… and mischiefs! We get our kicks from work that makes our clients look good and their people feel great. We also get a buzz from being together – socialising, sharing and growing.

We’ve been carefully curating our team for the future, and we're now in the fortunate position to be recruiting once again.

Hi, I’m Molly. I joined Emblaze in May last year and I've had an incredible time since then.

I’ve presented my ideas to corporate clients in London, get to work on a variety of projects and participate with the team to develop our strategy. We love to get together on our away days and always make time to have some fun. I love being part of such a talented and passionate team and the addition of new joiners will only strengthen our capabilities. I'm looking forward to welcoming a new talent to our team.

Molly Dennis | Digital Designer

Creative Designer


We believe that beautiful things happen when a keen ear connects to meandering thoughts. When space and air allow ideas to percolate and the imagination to trickle into form.

Convention calls you a designer, but we see you as a creator – a visual expressionist; restless with ideas and a terminable yearning to create what you are thinking.

We could talk about InDesign and style sheets, Pantones, responsiveness, crops and bleed, but they are the least interesting things about the role. Of course you know your way around Adobe, and yes, you could always know more.

But what’s of primary importance is that you have the ability to pair business challenges with beautiful aesthetics, delivered with accuracy and a deep-rooted thought process that produces the most remarkable concepts.

We once advertised for an experienced designer and we ultimately employed an outstanding junior – one of our rising stars – so don’t let experience be a barrier.

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Communication Consulting


We’re looking for one or two remarkable consultants to help us take the next step on our journey.

Strategically sound and tactically accomplished, our consulting approach at Emblaze is hands-on – we’re looking for people who break the mould of traditional account team structures, care deeply about their clients and have the multi-level skillset and experience to take complete accountability for clients and their projects.

You might be a junior looking to make your next move or a seasoned pro with ambitions to shape the future of our proposition. Either way, you’ll need to be an all-rounder – grounded in employee communication best practice, loaded with tactical skills, and have a commercial mindset.

Agency experience and knowledge of our key markets would be a bonus, but nothing we couldn’t work around for the right people.

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