Making valuable connections with the soul of the brand, irrespective of time and space.


Centralising the experience

A spaceless workplace is the go-to environment for all company matters and cultural conversation, from attraction to induction through to progression and succession. Whether it's practical document sourcing and form filling or debating company initiatives and learning more about teams, projects and CSR. Delivered as a managed service paired with technology, a spaceless workplace is a remarkable automated resource – unlike any intranet – that is brought to life by a team of expert communicators . 

Bespoke branding and creative

With many popular intranet solutions basing their offerings on a core platform which can be scaled across multiple employers, employers often find their branding opportunities limited. By contrast, our beautifully designed spaceless workplaces are built around the employer brand, addressing the most pressing priorities. Our creative team apply internal branding to the highest level of precision. Then, once live, they continue to collaborate, creating memorable campaigns that truly showcases culture.

Confidence, inclusion and agility

Homogenise your company’s inner voice by creating an accessible dialogue built around company ideas and worklife that goes on to perpetuate throughout the business. Create an environment where teams can spend time with the brand; buying in to the culture and solving their own requests – freeing up time from HR and building initiative throughout the business. See how teams gradually come to share philosophical and pragmatic ideals.

A sense of community

A societal approach to engagement promotes team ethics that are conducive to business performance that go on to create bonds that reach beyond work. Special interest groups, social engagements and space for useful debate and reflection demonstrates an employer that invests in its people and brings permeance to a deeper sense of belonging. An Enchantment Manager will guide guide and support as internal communities go on to flourish.

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The Spaceless Workplace

A desirable digital centre-point of internal brand immersion from which employees can make valuable connections with the business.
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Deeply engage your employees

Get your teams emotionally invested in the company's values, corporate objectives and ever-developing narrative with our interactive showcase pages.

Communicate with precision

Swiftly deliver updates, briefings and resources to precisely the right employees with the ability to cater content to each individual's role, preferences and ambitions.

Reserve headspace for high-value work

Give your HR and Comms teams more time to focus on looking after your people by allowing us to create user-friendly templates and automations for your daily, weekly and monthly employee engagement activities.

Deliver a single, clear and exciting vision

Unite your employees and their understanding of business matters around a single source of truth for greater levels of inclusion, proactivity and agility.

Remove friction from day-to-day processes

Increased productivity levels and reduce the number of enquiries received by HR by placing your team into an intuitive, uplifting and spaceless working environment that can support a high-performance culture.

Provide a true sense of belonging

Encourage the communities and collaborative relationships in your teams to flourish by letting your employees own the company narrative, celebrate each other's efforts, connect on a meaningful level, and professionally express themselves.

Achieve absolute brand immersion

Own a workplace that sticks to your brand guidelines - down to the finest details. The Spaceless Workplace is not are strictive, templated tech platform - we'll spend time with our brand and create something special.

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How the Spaceless Workplace works

An all encompassing employee engagement experience
It starts with WE

Understanding the formal elements and cultural nuances that make up your Worklife Experience (WE) will inform how we construct your spaceless workplace.

Content harvest

The environment is then populated with your content, lead by an Enchantment Manager, who'll distill your existing comms into text bites, audio and downloads.

Beta then build

A group of 10% of your population will road test the environment for up to 4 weeks. Their feedback will enhance the experence ready for launch.

Cultural expansion

We'll go live with phase one and gradually tease out additional features on a quarterly basis, reacting to any noteworthy feedback.

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'The new world of work isn’t measured by square foot, nor built from brick and glass. It’s set to be constructed from far more precious materials: enlightening company philosophies, soulful purpose and emotional unity.'

Merlyn Jeffery is a Worklife Discovery Consultant who'll guide your transition into the spaceless workplace. She's an expert in digital workplace experience whose advised numerous corporate employers as they navigate their approach to employee engagement during times of change. With a particular focus on the behavioural psychology of emerging talent, Merlyn is ideally placed to steward your journey into spacelessness.