Our mantra 'Envision a new world of work with full courage & soulful purpose.' Indeed, a daring nature and desire to aid with global issues is fundamental to the new world of work.
Be fierce in your pursuit.
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The new workplace is being shaped around the holistic ideals of employers and employees, where work is more smoothly entwined with the textures of ordinary life and inspired by a purpose greater than commercial gains.

As this evolution unfolds employers will be measured on short term malleability; balancing reactions to changing conditions against longer-term and meaningful transformation. There are also a number of key considerations, which if misjudged, risk setting a precedent for a working experience that suppresses talent, distorts culture and obstructs performance.

Employers are seeking answers to how their teams can remain motivated to further their careers, and exert influence while working at a distance. How can mass-communication retain a sense of cultural unity. And what methods are there to detect the subtle wellbeing cues that dashboards simply won’t.

We’ve leveraged years of strategic thinking, development, partnerships with elite practitioners and lived experiences across the employment landscape to formulate a remarkable solution that answers these concerns. Guided by a unique methodology, EMBLAZE® is a centrepiece that homogenises cultural touchpoints, culminating in an immersive business atmosphere that talent will want to be a part of, and partners will want to align with.

I invite you to explore EMBLAZE®.

EMBLAZE's founder and Chief Enchantment Officer. Stephen is fascinated by employee engagement, and brining higher consciousness to employment.

Stephen Willard  |  Chief Enchantment Officer

Building an enchanted workplace /


Journey through a guided methodology as our enchantment specialists introduce the key concepts behind the new workplace. Known as The ‘EM’ Method, this framework elicits the primary qualities that will drive your transition.

Our employee engagement methodology known as the 'EM Method' it follows multiple steps and features to turn people into elevated employees, and unite with a soulful purpose to create influential business.

In focus /

The Spaceless workplace is the hub for daily activity, which hosts company comms, admin and events and includes access to bespoke coaching.

Spaceless Workplace

A cultural beacon for company interests – connecting teams to the heart of the business irrespective of time and space. This digital centrepiece simplifies the lines of communication, democratising influence and nourishing a sense of belonging. The environment merges announcements with internal initiatives, practical admin and worklife discovery.



An employee experience insights report


50+ coaching/mindset pieces (frequently updated)


Monthly live sessions with your Worklife Host


Quarterly Sprint sessions with a Motivator


Induction experience


Discovery Season: Mastering Influence


Discovery Season: Soul Ignition


Discovery Season: Identity Empowerment


Discovery Season: Luminary Vibrations


Complimentary supplements


Influworker Accelerator programme


Ethicist Accelerator programme


Culturalist Accelerator programme


Epiphanist Accelerator programme


Moonmap goal setter


Quarterly supplements


Scorecards and growth modellers


Access to Worklife Therapist


Social media group on request

We aim to elevate employees by coaching them to develop new skills and business philosophies that will create a truly influential business.

Employee elevation

Evolve your teams into the new workplace by empowering them with the skills and enlightening them with the philosophies needed for the business to grow its influence. Feed employee aspirations with an immersive suite of content and coaching, combining luxurious publications with guided learning from some of the workplace’s foremost thinkers.



Branded environment design


Bespoke functionality


Technology audit


Content harvest – dividing existing comms into content


Quarterly content strategy planning


Onboarding goal tracker


Ongoing content creation and curation from the business


Email template suite and journey scripts


Full service creative agency support


Automations throughout the experience


Integrating third-party software (Zoom, Calendly etc)


Support from the Enchantment Team


Insights dashboard for Mastering Influence


Annual insights reports


Active trend spotting and human analysis


Quarterly supplements


Technical and user support


Hosting and domain management



By adopting a Soulful purpose, companies can achieve business outcomes and goals, whilst acting to solve global concerns such as climate change, or one of the UN sustainable development goals.

Soulful purpose

Add depth to the company narrative by embodying a purpose that engages emotion and inspires achievement. Emerge into a brand that stands for a societal contribution achieved through business and pursue it with full intention.
Internally, a Soulful Purpose will forge unity – externally it draws affinity.



Introductory soul session


Alignment to a UN Sustainability Goal


Membership in the Ethicist Community


Collateral pack to communicate soulful purpose (email templates, logo, proposal template, copy, impact reports, social media posts)


Soulful contract


Impact dashboard


Ongoing creation of content


Feature in the EMBLAZE® annual impact report


Annual Soulprint Report (impact report)


Integration with B1G1 givings

The roles of tomorrow /


Inspire your most promising employees to embrace skills that will bring a new dynamic to the world of work.

Our transformative Accelerator programmes rethink the traditional training experience by honing in on the valuable new qualities employers need to acquire, through their people, in order to excel in the new workplace. Each Accelerator is led by an inspirational workplace practitioner in a group setting and is supported by videos, printed materials, quantifiable challenges and a private accountability group.


The influworker is an employee who has been trained to tap into their influence and people skills. They are an internal influential voice.

Inhouse influencer

The ethicist upholds high ethical standards, and spreads compassion throughout the organisation. They ensure that daily business processes meet these standards.

Warden of ethical standards

The culturalist is the central point for messaging and comms, they can be considered a community manager.

Champion of human connectivity

The Epiphanist is the inspiring leader who uses their creativity and strong ethical direction to guide business to have a greater global impact for good.

Soul-centered visionary

All encompassing motivation
Emotionally-charged wisdom
Empowering and action-focused
Our suite of products includes quarterly publications, digital only articles and live sessions. The wisdom we share is made in collaboration with leading thinkers, coaches, and experts in their field.

An immersive suite /


A multi-sensory worklife discovery experience that combines professional development, wellbeing, self-improvement, performance and inclusion themes. Distributed through a suite of desirable communications, your employees will feel part of a premium membership.

Access to leading voices in motivation

Deep-dive inspirational thought content

Space to set and claim career and life goals

Exploration of success drivers

Customisable printed publications

Compact check-ins and inspiring prompts

Fast-paced sprint video learning

Beautifully interactive online hub

Periodical webinars and online events

A united, inclusive community

Centralising cultural engagement /


The cultural centrepiece and digital hive of engagement that will run through your business.

The Spaceless Hub fuses internal company news and mandatory information with enriching worklife elevation content, interactivity and live video sessions. Choose your hub – from a core setup to a fully bespoke environment.

Energising content from leading minds

Embed goals and unearth aspirations

Multi-scensory learning: video, live and audio

Home for routine internal communications

Learning and development /








An immersive learning experience that introduces worklife-elevation themes throughout the company. 

Themed seasons uncover insights from leading thinkers from across the spectrum of personal development, mindset, growth, spirituality and mental health.  Each beautifully printed publication is paired with video content for deeper resonance and one-to-one interactions with your Worklife Host, who will be there to answer questions throughout the journey.

1. Mastering Influence
2. Soul Ignition
3. Identity Empowerment
4. Luminary Vibrations

Inspiring teams and supporting growth /


Author, speaker and corporate self-image specialist Camilla Collins nourishes the hearts and minds of your team, bringing personal engagement to EMBLAZE®.

Employees join interactive sessions with our host where she’ll introduce worklife enhancement concepts that nurture growth and unlock deeply held drive. Your host provides an environment for employees to access expertise and sound-board mental blocks, trial new routines and share aspirations.

Author and Self Image Specialist, Camilla Collins is our Worklife Host, she lends her wisdom to employees through regular live sessions, one to one coaching, and special development courses.
Our motivators are coaches, speakers, authors and experts in their specific field. We work with them to create insightful and cutting edge content.

Mind shifting wisdom of today /


Our Motivators – prolific worklife practitioners – supply their hard-won techniques, insights and philosophies.

Employee ambitions will be given the reigns during invigorating sprint learning sessions.
Their mindset will be elevated to a higher perspective with enlightening thought pieces.
Their inner belief nurtured into bold confidence through quarterly live group sessions.

Authors   |   Speakers   |   Coaches   |   Thought leaders   |   Influencers   |   Practitioners

Dedicated engagement resource /


The EMBLAZE® experience has a human-centre, driven by a passionate team of enchantment specialists.

In addition to the digital tools, learning & development media, printed content, and engagement materials, the experience is supported by a team that includes:


 A dedicated Enchantment Manager


New workplace consultant


Full service creative studio: designers, digital marketers, copywriters, videographers


EMBLAZE® Motivator network of practitioners


Worklife Host


Worklife Therapist (on demand)


+ emblaze

Each of quarterly discovery season has a stunning publication a its core, a home to a compilation of fascinating thought pieces that will fuel you with the power to achieve. Each themed issue is filled with cutting ideas from leading thinkers, designed to lift your soul and mobilise your intentions. Pause to gratify your senses as you sift through the pages of these exclusive publications, created by award winning designers, and built on belief-shaking content and actionable wisdom.

EMBLAZE believes in a holistic approach to worklife, where worklife balance is achieved through a state of flow, and pairing health and wellbeing, mental health, and strong ambition.Our content is of the highest quality, since it is created in partnership with leading voices and industry leaders.The EMBLAZE offering includes more than just a platform and publications, it guides employees to achieve ambitions and become genuinely self assured.

Join the uprising /


EMBLAZE® will go live in beta mode later this year. The waiting list is currently open for the 'Pioneers' cohort. These are employers within financial services who are actively formulating a hybrid-working model.
Registering your interest at this stage enables us to offer you a place at our next Spaceless Insights session, where you'll learn more about our proposition.

There is no commitment from either party at this stage; we seek only an indication of interest. When intake goes live membership places will be limited to ensure a high quality delivery. Early adopting employers will benefit from a reduction in cost in comparison to the aspirational fees we plan on charging once the beta phase is complete.


£X Responsive digital


£X Stunning print
£X in total

Social media

£X Community


£X Private

Digital space

£X Basic


£X Immersive


£X Interactive

Prices are per individual per month.

In summary /



Philosophies are more compelling than commercial outcomes

Inspire employees by awakening a purpose greater than the company


Hybrid working in a ethically-minded world needs new resource models

Establish the influential roles that will smoothly accelerate this workplace transition


Principled employees are better for business

Attract strongly aligned hires and reinforce complimentary behaviours


Engaging all senses deepens resonance

Inspire higher consciousness and mobilise intentions through our blended development experience


Conscious brands increasingly enjoy greater market-share

Champion the greater purpose to enliven the brand narrative, both internally and externally


A sense of belonging unites dispersed teams

Centralise the employee experience with a culturally inclusive spaceless workplace


Disempowerment erodes productivity

Liberate teams to be fierce in the pursuit of their own fulfilment to drive performance from within


Exhilarating companies are the most admired

Be part of the new uprising

"The team at Emblaze® are a pleasure to work with. Creative, diligent, prompt and professional. A truly safe pair of hands on any project with boundless patience and flexibility - always delivering to the highest standard."

Amy Mankelow

Our remarkable team
of communication strategists

have provided engagement expertise to many well-known employers.

Ignite the positive societal change we can bring through the power of employment.

We believe that to solve global climate, economic and environmental issues, companies should align to one of the UN sustainable development goals.
A portrait of Caroline Thompson, EMBLAZE's Visual Inspiration. She is responsible for ensuring that art and visuals are stunning and engaging across our sites and publications.

Hi, I'm Caroline!

EMBLAZE® is an expression of workplace enchantment. It was built by examining upcoming trends and tuning in to the true voices of today's companies and employees.

My team and I worked tirelessly to cultivate this experience, testing and refining at every stage. If you have any questions for me then I invite you to make contact.

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Early adoption pricing

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