Time to EMBLAZE…

EMBLAZE takes its inspiration from the years we’ve dedicated to helping HR and business leaders deliver engaging communications to their employees. Starting life as a comms agency, our team of strategists, creatives, videographers, writers and speakers have delivered authentic and inspirational engagement programmes to the UK foremost corporate employers.

Throughout our time we observed the fragmented and multi-faceted nature of ’employee engagement’ and how each employer had their own definition of what it means to them. We sat in the countless conferences listening to thought leaders toil over old ideas, disguised as new thinking. We experienced the hefty involvement of ‘brand’, and saw spritely concepts become diluted once ladened with the company corporate identity, tone of voice and top-down messages.

To us, this all felt very unnatural.

So, we listened. To the employees. We posed questions and listened unresponsively. We attended focus groups in the canteens and after work. We created online surveys, requesting anonymous responses. Crucially, we listened to those who have moved on, in the NCT groups and entrepreneur circles. We wanted to hear the voices of the successful, the challenged, those who struggle with wellbeing and finances. We wanted to know what wasn’t working and why.

Bolstered by this knowledge we created a ‘space’. An environment which enlivens the career growth mindset by empowering employees with emotionally charged content that inspires worklife success.

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